Hire Rates


Whole building £26.00 ph – minimum 2 hours

Extra hours @ £20.00 ph

Meeting room / Main Hall £19.00 ph – minimum 2 hours

Extra hours @ £13.00 ph

3 interlinked Side rooms £16.00 ph – minimum 2 hours

Extra hours @ £10.00 ph

A discount of 5% may be given for long term,  regular weekly bookings paid in advance

All lettings assume use of kitchen

For certain types of events the Whole Building rate applies

We do not hire for Birthday Parties or similar events

The building is reserved for Quaker use throughout the day on Sundays.

We allow a little time at the beginning and end of each session for organisers to set rooms up to their requirements, and then return benches, chairs and tables to their original position.  Please book enough time for you to complete this task.

Contact the Booking Clerk with any questions via eppingquakersroomhire@gmail.com