Quaker Quest

Why don’t you join us at a Quaker Quest?

Simple, radical, contemporary

We have run a number of sessions offering a chance to learn more about Quakers and hope to organise more this year.

All are welcome to join us at meeting for worship on a Sunday.  People will be happy to have a chat.

Details of our sessions ran in September are below

Three free sessions – all are welcome

  • Quakers and how we worship – Sunday 16th September 2.15pm
  • Quaker faith in action – Sunday 23rd September 2.15pm
  • Quakers, equality and diversity – Saturday 6th October 2.15pm

These three sessions are at Epping Quaker Meeting House and are followed by refreshments

Telephone: 020 8524 8079                  or just turn up on the day

You are always welcome to attend a meeting before then and speak to us there.